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'Choke' Director Explains Radiohead's Participation

We can finally put this one to bed. Here's what Clark Gregg had to say about the usage of 'Reckoner' in the film's closing credits: *Like most people, I'm a huge Radiohead fan. The adaptation took me years to write so I wrote it first to Kid A, then Amnesiac and then Hail To The Thief. Later, I learned from Chuck Palahniuk that he had written the novel while listening to their song "Creep". In Rainbows came out while we were editing and I used almost every track in my early temp cuts of the movie. They all fit really well, but I particularly loved "Reckoner". The tension between Thom Yorke's keening vocals and Phil Selway's brilliant, driving drum track fit so perfectly that it worked almost like score. I was truly dreading the day when we'd have to take it out. Somehow ATO Pictures producer, Johnathan Dorfman, persuaded their manager to show the band some footage and to our shock they were generous enough to let us use the song. It's a monumental addition to the movie.*

The soundtrack is out on 9/23.

Visit Radiohead on MySpace.

Enjoy a clip from an In Rainbows recording session here.

MP3: Radiohead - Killer Cars

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