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Calvin Harris Apologizes For Poor Dance Moves

He declares via MySpace blog entry: *I'm sure some of you caught the acoustic performance of "Dance Wiv Me" at Glastonbury, which, in turn, means you almost certainly witnessed my "Dad Dancing" on live television. Now, sometimes I do wonder why I place myself in these situations, but if you're asked to go on the BBC to do a song with Dizzee you can't say no. What would YOU do?! Of course the problem with this is my "singing" parts of the song amount to all of thirty seconds, leaving me with a full three minutes of, well, dad dancing. It's clear that I can't dance, we all know that, look at the facts: Scottish, white, 6 foot 5, awkward in social situations. I could go on. So don't slate the dad dancing, celebrate that it happened, laugh, enjoy it, tell your friends...* MP3 at bottom.

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MP3: Calvin Harris - Acceptable...



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