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Katy Perry @ Cornerstone Offices: An Intimate Portrait

Prior to our stroll down towards Webster Hall for She & Him's gig, TMS stopped by the hub of Cornerstone Promotion for a brief acoustic set from buzz-worthy LA-based crooner, Katy Perry. The kooky chanteuse serenaded the invite-only crowd to a handful of tracks from her forthcoming debut LP, One Of The Boys (out in June). If I had to describe Katy's music in three adjectives, they would be: quirky, animated & heartfelt. Download an MP3 of her first single, 'UR So Gay', at bottom. Visit Katy Perry at her official MySpace page.

MP3: Katy Perry - UR So Gay [alt link]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm she seems either bitter or homophobic. The term "your soo gay" is slung around by every ignorant fool that I pray this doesnt become popular... but it probably will since she says "gay". Hilarious........ thats soo black.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Katy Perry. She is an amazing singer/songwriter and she's gorgeous.
p.s. check out "Mannequin"

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That homophobic bitch- I will totally burn her children in a fire of 10,000 suns.
Oh wait- she can't because no one will touch that grand canyon- and face it, she probably can AND does open that wide every day of her life.


3:31 PM  

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