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Calvin Harris @ Mercury Lounge: Gimme Gimme More

Let me begin this review by sharing Calvin's take on the show, as explained in a MySpace bulletin posted at 4am this morning: *Just did our New York gig, it was CRAZY. That means 'good' in American, i am learning the language. Thanks to anyone who came and is reading this. I am very grateful.* We're grateful too, Calvin. Very grateful, indeed.

Amazing. For forty-five minutes, the buzz-worthy Scot floored a sold-out crowd at New York's Mercury Lounge. With ample sing-alongs, a series of infectious beats and a general aura of glee, Calvin's premiere US show was everything I was hoping for it to be plus more. Running through a little more than half of his debut record, I Created Disco (review here), he left attendees craving much much more. Luckily, Calvin will be returning to the States for a proper tour later this fall. We'll be sure to share info as it is released. For now, learn more about Calvin here at his official site. Download a Calvin MP3 at bottom.

Setlist: Disco Heat/Colours/Merrymaking At My Place/Acceptable In The 80s/Neon Rocks/This Is The Industry/The Girls/Vegas

MP3: Calvin Harris - Colours

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