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Final Fantasy's 'Heartland' Pushed Back To Mid-'08

Sigh. In a Q&A session last week with CBC Radio One's program, Q, Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) announced that the follow-up to his Polaris Prize-winning LP, He Poos Clouds, entitled Heartland, won't get a release until at least spring of 2008. Initially, Owen hinted that the album would be out in September '07. Oh well, quench your thirst with a Final Fantasy MP3 from his debut record, Has A Good Home, below.

In case you missed it the first time around, here's what Owen had to say about Heartland in an interview last December: "Recording wise, it's going to sound exactly like He Poos Clouds but with better microphones, better writing and we're using compressors to make it sound taut and clicky. No more weak, fey shit! Except the singing. That will always be tacky."

(photo via Each Note Secure)

MP3: Final Fantasy - Library



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