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Let The Rumors Begin: The National & Interpol

Ahh, those pesky forum posters!

The fine folks over at the Interpol message board have not only figured out some new song titles for Interpol's upcoming 3rd full-length (including 'The Heimlich Maneuver'), but have also figured out the album's name! Seems like some word has spread that the new Interpol album will be titled.... Moderation. Seems very Interpol-y, wouldn't you say?

With the band's recent announcement that they will be playing SXSW next month, rumors have also begun to swirl that Moderation will see the light of day somewhere around June or July. Seems like it's been FOREVER since Antics, right? I'm anxiously anxiously awaiting further news on this one, as I'm sure you are as well.

The National. It's hard to believe that Alligator is already close to 2 years old, but well, it is. Earlier this week, the band hinted on their MySpace that they have completed the highly-anticipated follow-up and we'll probably see it on shelves/iPods sometime around May. The official announcement for that one should be coming very soon.

See, there WILL BE life after Neon Bible!

MP3s: The National - Wasp Nest + Interpol - Not Even Jail

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