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Death Cab For Cutie @ Radio City: Sun Shines Again

In the past three months, I've been treated to two magnificent Death Cab gigs. The first being an intimate solo show from Ben Gibbard, which included covers, rarities & tender takes on DCFC's most recognizable tunes. Last night's full band performance was my second within the last 100 days. The band's 95 minute set was robust & unfaltering from start to finish. As a massive admirer of The Photo Album & Transatlanticism, I was pleasantly surprised to hear 'We Laugh Indoors', 'Title & Registration' as well as the latter LP's stunning title track. However, the most well received ditty of the evening was, unquestionably, Death Cab's take on their 2008 epic, 'I will Possess Your Heart'. In summary, the Seattle based quartet's largest NYC show to date was a major success. View a handful of photos, the full setlist & a DCFC MP3 below. Watch their latest video here.

(Setlist) The Employment Pages. Your Heart Is An Empty Room. The New Year. We Laugh Indoors. Crooked Teeth. Company Calls. Grapevine Fires. Summer Skin. Soul Meets Body. I Will Follow You Into The Dark. I Will Possess Your Heart. Cath. We Looked Like Giants. Long Division. The Sound Of Settling. Bixby Canyon Bridge. (Encore) Technicolor Girls. Title & Registration. A Movie Script Ending. Marching Bands Of Manhattan. Transatlanticism.

MP3: Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body

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Blogger Julibeans said...

I was there, the show was amazing I thought. I am also a fan of Transatlanticism and was pleasently surprised to hear tracks like 'Title and Registration' and 'We Looked Like Giants'. And I'm glad to see your photos because mine came out so terrible!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went ot their show at McCarren Park pool last June (and was pleased by their little shout out!) and was awestruck by them there. Last night they surpassed my expectations and put on an amazing show. When they started up Transatlanticism I literally had to go through my camera and erase old pictures so I could have enough room to tape it (after I'd taped almost the whole thing). For a band to be able to have a sold out venue like radio city completely mesmerized by their last song is an impressive feat and I'm so happy I got to see/hear it. Love them!!!!!

8:02 PM  

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