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Mike Skinner Blogs About Madonna Gig

The Streets frontman had this to say on today's official blog post: *I went to see Madonna last night. I have to say, even though the leotards have deeply upset me in recent years, that lady can jump. Now I am pretty healthy on stage. I bounce and box a bit, but despite how fun it appears, a good solid crowd surf on a decent sized throng is knackering. It's a bit like wrestling, it looks a bit wussy, but when you get locked into tense bodily antagonism and it lasts for more than a minute or so it's fucking draining as fuck. Anyway, Madonna. Me and Johnny often argue over who has burnt the most amount of calories on stage but I don't think either of us burn it like Mrs. Lock Stock and two camp ducks backing her up.*

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MP3: The Streets - Dry Your Eyes

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