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The Lisps @ Union Hall: Stretch Out & Wait

Over the last eighteen months, I've made it a habit to catch The Lisps at least once every few weeks. You could imagine my initial dismay at the band's spring announcement declaring a brief pause while they began work on new material. Fast forward four months later and The Lisps have returned to Brooklyn's intimate hot spot to debut some of these aforementioned tracks (interspersed with selections from their brilliant debut LP, Country Doctor Museum). One particular highlight amongst the four new ditties performed last night was 'Try'. 'Try' is as quirky, kitschy & endearing as nearly everything in The Lisps' catalog. Another fantastic moment of the evening came in the closing chaos that was 'The Familiar Drunk', complete with Wye Oak joining in on the dazzling mayhem. Lastly, their mid-set take on fan fave, 'Heaven', was playful, luminous & downright joyous. Keep up with The Lisps at their official MySpace page. View the full setlist & download an MP3 below.

(Setlist) Movies. Creek. Documents. Typewriter. Heaven. Try. Ann Marie. Familiar Drunk.

MP3: The Lisps - I'm Sorry

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