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Idlewild Frontman Readies Second Side Project

Following the release of his stellar solo LP (2007's Silence), Roddy Woomble has teamed up with some good friends (K. Drever & J. McCusker) for Before The Ruin. The folk influenced set (which was originally a personal effort as well) is due out later this month. Full track listing is as follows. Roddy MP3 at bottom of post.

1. "Silver & Gold"
2. "Into The Blue
3. "Along The Way"
4. "Before The Ruin"
5. "Hope To See"
6. "Rest On The Rock"
7. "Out Of Light"
8. "Poorest Company"
9. "Moments Last Forever"
10. "Stuck In Time"

Learn more at Roddy's official site.

View his Euro tour plans here.

MP3: Roddy Woomble - Whiskeyface

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