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Duffy Shops With The Seattle Times

Here's a snippet from today's article: *Duffy makes a beeline for Roberta Di Camerino's vintage hard frame bags. They complement the singer's affinity for 1960s style, but they're too big for everyday — on this day she's got a tiny pouch purse containing only her wallet, phone, hotel room key and a Nivea cherry lip stain (she stars in their ad campaign). She then spots a red, gold & white hand woven cosmetics case by Maria La Rosa. She remembers that a red nail polish exploded in one of her bags coming from London to New York — justifying the expense. She wonders aloud if there is a similar, bigger bag that she could use to keep the makeup for her shows. Presto, a full size $155 bag — albeit in blue and white — appears!* MP3 at bottom.

Read the full article here.

MP3: Duffy - Warwick Avenue

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