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Virgin Mobile Festival 2008: Saturday Photos & Recap

The Virgin Mobile Festival ended on Sunday and now it's Tuesday and I am barely just recovered. My feet even still hurt a bit. But last night I did catch up on sleep enough to post some pictures, courtesy of Virgin, below.

KT Tunstall - my second favourite act of the day. Because of her, I now know that redheads need 20% more anesthesia. I fondly recall seeing KT in the St. Andrews University student union with about a dozen other people in 2004. She was adorable then in her rainbow suspenders and is still adorable.

Duffy - I sent a friend over to the north stage to see her while I stayed behind at the south stage. It was reported back that she is still as endearing as ever. Saw her later in the day smoking a ciggy outside VIP.

Gogol Bordello - One of my favourite acts to see live ever and Saturday, they did not disappoint even with their early slot. The crowd ate up every moment and not an hour into my arrival at the festival, I was drenched in sweat from jumping up and down like a maniac during 'Start Wearing Purple.'

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Grabbed a lunch break here and went to sit on the grass with our food to watch Sharon. At one point, Sharon took her shoes and earrings off to break it down for us. Then she brought up a skinny, white, college kid to tell him how to seduce his woman. Classic.

Bloc Party - Generally the same set as the NYC Webster gig but shorter. They were fine but not a stand out performance.

Soulwax - Here is the gig where I saw a guy in the audience wet himself. I am hoping it was from the excitement over the band. They played an extra 30 mins and it was great. There was a group of people asking for pictures after their set.

The Offspring - Sat up in the grandstands for this one but thought it was surprisingly good. Word from the ground was that frontman Dexter Holland wasn't too into it but from where I was sitting, everything sounded really energetic. I'm not a huge fan but hearing them play the hits was nostalgic and fun.

Chuck Berry - A very odd performance. 'Johnny B Goode' had a bit of a remix going on that left the classic hit stunted. Then for the last song, Chuck had security bring a bunch of girls up on stage and one moron pulled Chuck aside WHILE HE WAS PLAYING to take a cameraphone picture with him and then, unplugged his guitar. Caused him to cut the set a little short and go off without much of a bow. Horrible.

Wilco - I think Wilco is good. If I was a bigger fan and knew all the lyrics, I would have been one of the many people in the crowd eating it up. But I'm not and I don't. According to a friend who was there and is a fan though, it was a great set. Apparently after Wilco, the rabid Jack Johnson fans bum rushed the stage and nearly plowed said friend over.

I wanted to post a photo of Foo Fighters from the fest but haven't been able to find one (I was too far away for the shot). Was anybody else there? Anybody want to share your picture with Music Slut readers? I thought their set was surprisingly great. I like a lot of Foo Fighter songs, 'Walking After You' from the X-Files soundtrack is one of my favourite tunes EVER, but they are not a band I would go see on their own. I'm glad I was able to see them here. Dave Grohl is the ultimate frontman and if they hadn't started a long jam session that got me antsy to leave, I would have stayed for the entire set and seen Pat Smear come out to play with them.

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Blogger John said...

Jam session at the Foo Fighters? They just played song after song, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

9:42 PM  
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