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Morrissey Unleashes DVD From LA Gig

Live At The Hollywood Bowl's out on 10/6.

The film will feature:

1. The Queen Is Dead
2. The Last Of The Famous...
3. Ganglord
4. The National Front Disco
5. Let Me Kiss You
6. All You Need Is Me
7. The Boy With...
8. Irish Blood, English Heart
9. Disappointed
10. I’ve Changed My Plea...
11. Everyday Is Like Sunday
12. In The Future When...
13. I Will See You In...
14. Girlfriend In A Coma
15. First Of The Gang To Die
16. You Have Killed Me
17. That’s How People Grow Up
18. Life Is A Pigsty
19. How Soon Is Now?
20. Please, Please, Please...
21. You’re Gonna Need...
22. There Is A Light...

Learn more about the release here.

MP3: The Smiths - Panic

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