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Entertainment Weekly Selects '20 Worst Cover Songs Ever'

Included in the bunch:

Britney Spears - I Love Rock 'N Roll
Jessica Simpson - Angels
Madonna - American Pie
Fall Out Boy - Beat It

View all the rest here.

MP3: Britney Spears - Everytime

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Anonymous Algerine said...

Gee, what daring choices. The Jonas Brothers. Jessica Simpson. Hilary Duff. Contestents who lost on American Idol.

Then on top of that, not one cover earlier than what? Late eighties, early nineties? Where the heck is Pat Boone's "Tutti Frutti?" Leonard Nimoy's "Proud Mary?" Any Christmas song by Mannheim Steamroller?

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw - and i didn't think the Beat Cover was that bad. With all the other terrible billy jean covers out there how did this happen...

11:04 AM  

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