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CONTEST: Converse All-Stars & Swag From Downtown Records

First, some details on the shoe company's latest endeavor: Converse & Journeys have paired up for a "Get Out Of The Garage" music contest. Artists can upload their song at GOOTGMC's official site. There are two rounds of judging. In the first round, the top 10 songs will be chosen. In round two, Downtown Records will choose the top song out of the 10 demos. The finalist will win the prize of a free trip to New York City for four days (three glorious nights) of free studio time to create and mix their own tune!

Now, want some Chucks?

Itching for new records?

E-mail us for a chance to win.

Victor will be chosen randomly on 8/15 @ 5PM.

MP3: Chris Walla - Sing Again

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