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XX Teens Unleash Debut Album

Welcome To Goon Island's out on 9/30.

Track listing is as follows:

1. The Way We Were
2. B-54
3. Round
4. Ba (Ba-Ba Ba)
5. Onkawara
6. (Reprise)
7. Only You
8. My Favourite Hat
9. Darlin’
10. Sun Comes Up
11. For Brian Haw

Watch their latest video here.

Visit XX Teens on MySpace.

MP3: XX Teens - Darlin'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In case anyone’s interested, 7Digital are offering a free 320k MP3 of the XX Teens track ‘The Way We Were’ – click on the link below:

The album is also available as pre-order with the release being on Monday:

6:31 AM  

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