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The Rascals Disapprove Of Mozzer's Meat Ban

Check out what the trio had to say at this weekend's O2 Festival in the clip below.

MP3: The Rascals - A Hand In The Shadow

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goddammit! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MORRISSEY and he is my desert-island-if-I-couldn't-listen-to-anything-else-ever-
artist for sure, but over the last couple of years everything that I've read about him make me convinced that in real life he is an insufferable prick. Firing roadies and PA's for their haircuts/first albums bought/and/or t-shirts worn, not to mention what THEY CHOOSE to put into their bodies is ABSOLUTELY against what I believed Moz's music was all about, being yourself and being free from the tyranny of other's viewpoints, especially when forced to follow suit against your own will. I know yall love the Mozzer as much as I do, (that's partly why I follow this blog so closely) but FUCK, NOBODY ELSE eats meat or we don't play? I cannot subscribe to this point of view. There are countless other ways of getting this message across that don't involve alienating good, honest artists and fans. I am truly dissapointed, tru-hu-uly, aaaawwww...

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

7:25 AM  

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