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The Physics Of Meaning Prep Sophomore Record

It's titled Snake Charmer & Destiny At The Stroke Of Midnight. The LP includes guest appearances by members of Annuals & Saint Vincent. Snake's out on 9/16. Tracks below:

1. In Dreams, We Discover Ourselves...
2. Destiny Reveals An Unbelievable Truth
3. No More Sleeping In The Shadows
4. Like White Blood Filling A Black Heart
5. Around The Bend
6. Why Can't We Fall In Love Forever?
7. We Were Made For This World
8. Song For A Snake Charmer
9. Song For A Wishing Well
10. Aeroplanes & Hurricanes
11. Snake Charmer & Destiny At The Stroke...
12. In Dreams, We Return To Ourselves...

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MP3: TPOM - Aeroplanes & Hurricanes



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