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Paul Weller Shares Incendiary Moz Comments With Mojo

When asked about The Smiths in a recent feature, here's what he had to say: *I'd never really got them before, but when I saw them live I thought, 'fucking hell'! When they hit hit the stage it made me think of the Jam days; there was an explosion when they hit the boards... but I never listened to any of their records to tell you the truth. I liked a couple of singles, but I was never a fan. I'm certainly not a fan of Morrissey's solo stuff. It's a weird thing, because he's a bit of a fan of mine but it's not reciprocated. It bugs me, I don't want to dis him in print, but he's a quintessential Englishman that lives in Los Angeles.*

Enjoy PW's new video here.

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MP3: Paul Weller - Kosmos (Remix)

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