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The Duke Spirit @ Webster Hall: Dark Is Light Enough

Riding a tidal wave of SXSW buzz, earning a mountain of critical acclaim for their new album (Neptune) and donning a Christian Siriano approved ensemble, I had high hopes for Liela Moss and the gang that comprise London's The Duke Spirit. Sadly, last night's set seemed a little forced, a tad bit flat and quite uninspiring (much to my heart's chagrin). Perhaps I caught the band on an off night or perhaps TDS's magic is truly lost on me. Regardless, visit The Duke Spirit on MySpace and judge for yourself. Setlist & MP3 below.

(Setlist) Send A Little Love Token. Lassoo. Dog Roses. My Sunken Treasure. The Step. Into The Fold. Wooden Heart. This Ship. Red Weather. Love Is An Unfamiliar Name.

MP3: The Duke Spirit - My Sunken Treasure

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