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Sigur Ros @ Grand Ballroom: An Endless Buzz

As I approach a double digit tally in Sigur Ros live experiences, the magic is as gigantic and blindsiding as ever before. Last night the Icelandic quartet performed a best-of set which included favorites from all of their releases to date. Adjectively, the gig was: monumental, explosive, unwavering, passionate & sheerly remarkable. There's no doubt that it will hold a warm place in my heart for many years to come (as nearly all Sigur Ros shows do). Jonsi Birgisson photos courtesy of Jonny Leather. Complete setlist & MP3 of 'Olsen Olsen' below.

(Setlist) Svefn-G-Englar. Glosoli. Se Lest. Ny Batteri. Vid Spilum Endalaust. Hoppipolla. Med Blodnasir. Heysatan. Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa. Saeglopur. Olsen Olsen. Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur. Hafsol. Gobbledigook. (Encore) Popplagid.

MP3: Sigur Ros - Olsen Olsen

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