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PJ Harvey @ Moscow Arts Theater: Bringing Her Love

Check out the following review & autographed setlist courtesy of our endlessly entertaining guest blogger, Megan B: It was STUNNING. She is just... this tiny graceful beautiful woman, all by herself she filled the stage, going from guitar licks to piano to that thingy that you hold on your lap and strum to drum machines. And her voice!!!! MY GOD!!!! Easily the best show I've seen next to J Spaceman in London! I brought a PJ novice to the show as well, she turned to me about halfway through and said "oh my god, she is a genius!".

Above photograph from gig taken by Russkie. Download a PJ tune at bottom of post.

MP3: PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me

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Blogger Miss P said...


< intense envy >

We all have that kind of souvenirs, no news!

< /ie >

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss P says it's no real news to have that kind of token. I disagree. Dealing with the Russian security guards to get it is not a piece of cake (especially if your language skills are limited). So I give props to the ones who got it! I am sure no one else that night did unless they had a VIP pass.

7:04 AM  

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