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Pas/Cal Shares Deets On Debut LP

The long awaited album is out on July 22nd.

Title: I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura. View the cover art to your right.

Track listing as follows:

1 The Truth Behind All The Vogues...
2 You Were Too Old For Me
3 We Made Our Way, We Amtrakked
4 Summer Is Almost Here
5 Glorious Ballad Of The Ignored
6 O Honey We're Ridiculous
7 Dearest Bernard Living
8 Little Red Radio
9 Cherry Needs... (Suite Cherry Pt. 1)
10 Cherry Tree (Suite Cherry Pt. 2)
11 O My Cherry (Suite Cherry Pt. 3)
12 Citizen's Army Uniform

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MP3: Pas/Cal - You Were...



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