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CocoRosie Speaks Out On Controversial New Single

The ladies share the following with Spinner regarding 'God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me': *"The basic subject that has been really heavy on our minds recently has been patriarchy. As old of an issue as that might be, we've hit a new wave of it. Being at the beach in France and seeing women in the water completely covered head to toe in burkas with all their husbands in Speedos, it hit me in such an intense way. It is political for sure, but the message is, at least coming from us, the opening to a discussion. People have a lot of opinions on the subject because people are really uncomfortable addressing it. It's almost like we're not allowed to talk about it. It becomes a cultural issue instead of a women's issue. For us, we're approaching it more as a women's issue. I've been so personally offended by it, in a way, that I'm ready to at least talk about it. I'm not forcing any statements down anybody's throats. It's just opening up some dialog which is all we can ever hope to do."*

Watch the video for 'God...' here.

MP3: CocoRosie - Madonna

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political song then!

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