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8 Questions With: Mixel Pixel

Our latest interview session is with Rob Corradetti.

(Otherwise known as the frontman for Mixel Pixel)

Enjoy the full piece and download an MP3 below.

Be sure to catch Mixel Pixel on 6/21 at ATJ Fest 2008.

1. First things first - congratulations on the new album, Let's Be Friends. What can you tell me about your influences behind the latest collection of tunes?

I think we were mostly inspired by each other to write some cute songs. The album does have certain lyrical references to Velvet Underground, Old Dirty Bastard, Pink Mountaintops & Jonathan Richmond. I think that summarizes the variety of our influences pretty well.

2. I simply adore the outfits that Mixel Pixel performs in.

Have you and the gang worn them since the very beginning?

Not really. We used to wear more jeans and sneakers kind of stuff. I think that gets a little boring. We're inspired by cavemen and Ziggy Stardust.

3. If Mixel Pixel were to cover a completely leftfield track, what would be selected?

We have a cover of Dogbowl's "When The Sun Goes Down" that we play sometimes. Dogbowl was in King Missile. His albums are excellent and mostly overlooked. We just did a cover of Nirvana's "Polly" that's gonna be on a 7" with Show Is The Rainbow and Yip Yip. Also "Love Buzz" by Shocking Blue is in the works.

4. You've performed alongside many ATJ 2008 artists - including but not limited to Chairlift & Project Jenny Project Jan. Whom are you most excited to see on 6/21?

Brian Scary & The Shredding Tears.

5. I should point out that you are the fabulous designer of this year's flier.

What was your inspiration behind this particular design?

I can't say exactly. My main inspiration was the music in the festival.

6. I've tried to describe a live Mixel Pixel experience to friends of mine with great failure. What would you consider to be the key components?

We're kinda like half if The Magnetic Fields actually tried played their songs according to the album & half like Velvet Underground for everything else.

7. In ten words, what does the future hold for Mixel Pixel?

The amazing Mixel Pixel DVD that's almost done... almost... done!

8. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Any slutty summer advice for our dear readers?

Try & remain positive, stay true to your dreams. Go to the beach as much as possible.

Visit Mixel Pixel on MySpace.

MP3: Mixel Pixel - You're The Kind Of Girl

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