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The Teenagers @ Bowery: Take Your Pen, Write It Down

The last time I caught The Teenagers and their brilliant salacious tomfoolery was on a chilly January evening at NYC's Mercury Lounge. Since that gig - their 2nd ever in the US - the French trio has expanded their sound (via use of additional on-stage musicians), perfected their odd-yet-delightful dance moves and gained a new legion of fans singing along to every naughty lyric. Opening the 45-minute set with 'Feeling Better' and concluding on 'Sunset Beach', The Teenagers warmed their place in my heart once again. Visit The Teenagers on MySpace. A handful of photos & an MP3 of Reality Check's 'III' follow.

Setlist: Feeling Better. Fuck Nicole. Love No. III. Starlett Johansson. Trouble. French Kiss. Make It Happen. Homecoming. Streets Of Paris... Sunset Beach.

MP3: The Teenagers - III [alt link]

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