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Spanish Prisoners @ Cakeshop: Periwinkle Blues

Back in February (following his NYC gig with Daniel Johnston), I interviewed Leo Maymind, the alluring frontman of Spanish Prisoners. During that Q&A, he described SP's tunes as 'eclectic noisy chamber pop'. The band's debut LP, Songs To Forget, does indeed marry the aforementioned genres into one giant pool of cohesion. However, last night's performance was certainly more electric and robust than the majority of SP's recorded material. Accompanied by a multi talented keyboardist (with a penchant for melodica & glockenspiel) alongside an adroit drummer, Spanish Prisoners produced a full and opulent eight track set. Sample a handful of tunes and view upcoming tour dates at their official MySpace page.

MP3: Spanish Prisoners - Some Among Them Are Killers

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