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P. Wolf Adds Duo Of Dates To 2008 Tour

The powers that be explain the decision to add more gigs on Patrick's MySpace page. *I know we said that LMHR would be the only show of the year. We meant it when we said it, honestly we did, it wasn't a wind-up; but PW was so fired up by the awesome reception he got from you guys that he has decided to accept invitations to play another couple of shows over the summer. Who knows, he may play one or two more. The 1st show is something really special, and will truly be a one-off. Patrick has been personally asked by the American photographer, Nan Goldin, to perform a live soundtrack to her seminal work, The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency, in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern on May 24. Then on July 5 Patrick will headline Redfest, which is just outside Redhill, Surrey. This is a small, vibrant little festival with no sponsors, no VIP area & no corporate involvement whatsoever.* MP3 at bottom of post.

Enjoy a teaser of his new tune, 'Time Of My Life', here.

MP3: P. Wolf - The Magic Position (Spike Mix)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such talent, such youth, such passion.
Lovely lovely!

Hats off to MusicSlut for closely following his career.
One pet peeve though: the same old usage of the Magic Position on the bottom of any Patrick- related posts. (Although it is a delightful song indeed!)

Much regards,

5:49 PM  

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