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Hercules & Love Affair @ Studio B: Raise Me Up

Last night The Music Slut was fortunate enough to catch the first ever live performance from Brooklyn's disco revivalists, Hercules & Love Affair. Shockingly, the collective managed to surpass our atmospheric expectations. For nearly an hour, DFA's latest signees stunned the sold out crowd with arresting vocals by Nomi & a slew of different players tackling keyboards, saxophones, drums and a wide range of electronics. Simply genius! Hercules & Love Affair will bring their voodoo overseas later this month and throughout the summer for myriad festival gigs. To view those dates and to learn more about the band, visit their MySpace page immediately. A half dozen photos, the full setlist & an MP3 follow.

Setlist: True False/Fake Real. Shadows. Blind. I'm Telling You. Athene. Classique #2. Precious Little Diamond. You Belong. Raise Me Up... Hercules Theme.

MP3: Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme [alt link]

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