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Efterklang @ Knitting Factory: Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles

It was roughly two years ago when I first discovered the brilliance that is Copenhagen's post pop collective, Efterklang. The 8 member band incorporates elements of jazz, electro experimentalism, folk, prog & krautrock into one otherworldly amalgamation. Last night marked the band's first ever visit to New York City and it was a glorious one. For nearly 75 minutes, Efterklang enthusiastically pranced around all of their releases to date creating a mystical wall of sound. To close out the evening, C. Taylor (Grizzly Bear) plus various members of Slaraffenland joined forces with Efterklang for an extended celebratory denouement. A monumental gig from start to finish! I kindly demand your attendance at one of their few remaining North American gigs. They may not return for some time.

Visit Efterklang at their official MySpace page. A handful of photos & an MP3 follow.

MP3: Efterklang - Cutting Ice To Snow

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