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Shirley Manson's Solo LP Put On Hold

The Garbage frontwoman explains on her MySpace blog: *"I played some of the stuff to the record label not long ago and they described it as being very noir. At the time, I took the comment as being a huge compliment. That they liked the intensity of my material. But then I realized it wasn't intended as a compliment. But I'm 41, I'm a woman not a kid. I have no interest in making silly pop music and I don't want to wear a silly sexy outfit and sell myself short. I'm sure it will all get sorted out in the end. But I do think record companies, in general, have different ideas about how they promote women. In the end, it is down to each and every woman to fight to be treated as an individual. I just want to be who I am."*

Visit Shirley on MySpace.

MP3: Garbage - Push It

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

F*U*C*K her record label... whoever it is.. Radioactive, Geffen or Warner. I really believe in this woman... one of the few honest and inteligent musicians and one of the best female voices of out time. Her record NEEDS to be released!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plastic people want plastic. Shirley won't supply that and they can't grasp the fact that she's real, a personality, not some fluffy sniggering tempteen.

Fuck em Shirley. They want you. They just don't yet realise how much.

Ivan. UK

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were Shirley, I would try to recruit her mentor Siouxsie Sioux. Maybe she would have some pointers on getting a solo album out there (to us the public who are dying to her some of her music again.)

11:22 PM  

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