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MSNBC's 'Terrible Songs From Great Albums'

Here are their picks:

1. The Beatles - The Long... (Let It Be)
2. Guns 'N Roses - My World (Use Your...)
3. Nirvana - Endless Nameless (Nevermind)
4. The Police - Mother (Synchronicity)
5. Jimi Hendrix - EXP (Axis)

Read an explanation behind each selection here.

MP3: The Beatles - You've Got To Hide...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hm, what's that Beatles song where John Lennon (a known wife-beater) sings "rather see you dead little girl, catch you with another man - that's the end."???

'cause I nominate that little gem from 'Rubber Soul', as it is disgusting and inexcusable.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

This is actually an interesting topic (hasn't been beaten to death over the years).

I would nominate "Ballad in Plain D" from 'Another Side of Bob Dylan'... I find it very dull - and the fact that it's 8+ minutes makes it even worse.

And "My World" is excrutiatingly bad... but 'Use Your Illusion II' really qualify as a great album!?!? That seems questionable.

6:42 PM  

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