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Morrissey Speaks Out About Canadian Seal Killing

Here's his official statement: *In late June the Montreal Symphony are hosting a TV Special to salute Buffy Sainte Marie's 50th year making music. I am honored to be asked to take part. I first bought a Buffy Sainte Marie record when I was 12, and her music has always remained with me. In the 1960s, as a political activist, Buffy's lyrics were fearless, and I'm very grateful for all the risks that she took. I am also pleased to be asked to join the bill at the V Festival at the Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver, and also at Fort Calgary in Calgary. However, as we all know, the psychologically and constitutionally sickening Canadian seal kill has started and is once again in full cry. The horror of the Canadian seal kill is untranslatable, and although I fully realize that highly concentrated evil exists in other countries... there is something especially menacing about Canada's seal kill... The seal kill takes place to satisfy greed for fur pelts, and this Canadian government is happy to drag the global image of its own country down, and make it a place that people such as I couldn't bear to visit.* Visit Morrissey's official site here.

MP3: Moz - That's How People... [alt link]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For fucks sake.

I'm Canadian. I'm vegan. I'm sickened and embarrassed by the seal hunt in ways I can't express. But all this shit has done is punish his fans, and unless his fans happen to be political parties (NDP, Liberals, Conservatives) and they like Morrissey more then they like votes in Atlantic Canada, it's totally useless.

Or am I supposed to be inspired to protest and suddenly notice I'm not cool with killing baby seals? WE DON'T LIKE IT. Sometimes, governments do things populations don't like and don't support- if he's living in the States he should be more then aware of that. I'm not saying we should give up, I'm just saying that boycotting the country at this level is half-assed and pointless. Why not use a show to rally people? I don't need to point out it's a much more powerful platform then some text on the internet.

And he's wrong. The seal hunt isn't because the government is greedy for seal pelts. WE DON'T USE THEM FOR ANYTHING. The seal hunt is to give jobs to all the Eastern fishermen who we've had over fish the ocean and are now out of work. They in turn vote for that party and all our major parties (except the Green Party) support it. The fact that dead seal, exported to Asia, comes out of it us just a nice side bonus.

But it's nice to hear him mention this. They only time the seal hunt ever comes up on the news these days is if a boat capsizes or something.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to Morrissey for boycotting Canada due to the slaughter of seals. It's fricking ridiculous that we continue the seal hunt to give jobs to some folks. Ultimately it's appathy that keeps it going, as Canadians, I think we just shrug our shoulders and accept it. If we really wanted to stop it, I bet we could, if we just got off our asses and took a stand and relentlessly needled and shamed "the powers that be" to stop it for good. Anyway, Morrissey chooses to take a stand and I applaud it.

7:33 PM  

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