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Chris Garneau @ Canal Room: An Invisible Charm

Over the course of the last 12 months, my adoration for Brooklyn native, Chris Garneau, has grown stronger & stronger with each passing day. The 1st time I caught his live show was in May of '07 (opening for Frog Eyes). A few days before Xmas, I was fortunate enough to see Chris again at Brooklyn's Southpaw. While both of those gigs were exceptional, last night's headlining slot at Canal Room was easily his most cohesive, pristine & noble to date.

The 50-minute set focused on 2007's debut LP, Music For Tourists, and selections from his forthcoming sophomore effort (due out sometime this fall). Chris usually performs with a handful of backing musicians but last night he was only supported by one (superb) cellist. The result was a delicate and balanced composite of keys and strings. Perhaps the track that benefited most from this arrangement would be (TMS favorite) 'Baby's Romance'. The fusion of a dimly lit stage, Chris's breathtaking vocals & a well-behaved crowd made the evening feel as close to a seance as anything I've encountered in quite some time. Europeans can witness the magic first hand on his forthcoming tour (all dates here).

Sample some tracks and learn more about Chris Garneau at his official MySpace page.

MP3: Chris Garneau - Blackout

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