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24 Hour Nuclear War on Knoxville, TN

Thanks to Senryu for alerting us to this amazing event happening in Knoxville, TN starting on Friday, April 4th at 3pm and lasting until 3pm the next day. They, along with a slew of other local musicians, have been invited by Portland’s Red76 collective to participate in a 24 hour takeover of the Knoxville streets, taking place during the city's monthly 'First Friday' event. Each participating group has an hour to play and is to include in their set a reinterpretation of Sun Ra's 'Nuclear War'. Red76 usually chooses cities with a revolutionary past but this time, picked Knoxville because of the city's emblematic tower intended to resemble a nuclear explosion left over from the 1982 World's Fair. Right on.

Listen to Sun Ra's 'Nuclear War' in the clip below.
Download Senryu's 'Plastic Sugary' here.



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