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Rumor Of The Day: Sinead O To Write For Rihanna?

Ms. O'Connor tells Take 40: *"You'll always have people singing other people's songs, like you know, Rihanna for example - she hasn't written that song ('Don't Stop The Music'), do you know what I mean? In fact, I've been asked recently would I write some songs for her. So you know, zillions of people are singing other people's songs every day! I actually have not the slightest idea (what I'm going to write). They want to send me some backing tracks that they've already put together so that'll be a great help. But I've been studying her and I feel daunted actually by it because I don't know how to write pop songs, no matter how hard I try I cannot write a pop song, you know. So it's a challenge but I have to do it coz my son's in love with her!"*

MP3: Sinead O'Connor - Ave Maria

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