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Rumor Of The Day: Is Moz Suing 'The Word'?

The Guardian's blog declares: *For all the many very annoying things and unsatisfactory things about The Word's fifth birthday edition, this issue contains one piece of writing so invigoratingly impassioned and astute that it justifies the existence of the whole magazine. The article concerned is an all-out frontal assault on the aesthetic and ethical shortcomings of Morrissey's latest Greatest Hits. But more important than either its subject matter, or its acuity, or even the rumors that its well-aimed barbs have stung their target into his now seemingly reflex threats of legal action (Can you be sued for saying that Morrissey and his band 'sound like Will Young and Nine Below Zero rehearsing in a very bad pub'? I don't think any court in the land would convict.) is how closely the identity of its author - 1980's NME survivor turned Harry Hill helpmeet David Quantick - conforms to the standard Word contributor's template.*

Read the full entry here.

MP3: Morrissey - I'm Not Sorry

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, pish. Mozzy has bigger fish to fry.

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