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Patrick Wolf: Ready To 'Leave The Circus Behind'

He shares the following text on his official MySpace blog: *I always feel at the beginning stages of making my albums that I have to almost select the twelve strongest stories and connect them via blood type, make a family out of them, make a home for them, connect the dots to create a whole, a possession for you to own... it's a tricky process. The writing of the songs is easy, the putting together is the puzzle game. After The Magic Position, I have decided to leave the circus behind, those days are done. It is time to embrace a new age, a stronger, darker, battlefield, warrior, Tyburn Tree, internal investigations, operations of broken and fragmented heart, to analyze the open endless roads I have traveled in the last six years... I am going back to my roots now. After traveling traveling traveling from continent to continent, I find I am happiest and most productive when close to my birthplace. I'm a South Londoner again & it feels fantastic.*

MP3: P. Wolf - The Magic Position (Remix)



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