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Nina Simone's 'Protest Anthology' Released Next Month

An ultimate collection of rarities, interviews & classics. Complete track listing is as follows:

1. By Any Means Necessary (Interview)
2. Revolution
3. Mississippi Goddamn (Interview)
4. Mississippi Goddamn
5. Old Jim Crow (Interview)
6. Old Jim Crow
7. Backlash Blues (Interview)
8. Backlash Blues
9. Four Women (Interview)
10. Four Women
11. Nobody (Interview)
12. Nobody
13. I Wish I Knew How It Would...
14. Strange Fruit (Interview)
15. Strange Fruit
16. Definition Of An Artist
17. Why? The King Of Love Is Dead
18. To Be Young Gifted & Black (Interview)
19. To Be Young Gifted & Black

MP3: Nina Simone - Revolution



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