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Ladytron Sets Title & Release Date For New LP

The dark-haired electro wizards are back!

Velocifero will be out on June 3rd.

Catch Ladytron with Datarock on their forthcoming tour.

Visit Ladytron on MySpace.

MP3: Ladytron - Black Cat



Anonymous Mathieu Caya said...

1. the file is not up anymore,

2. in you bottom left list "In Britain" : Arcade Fire (you have the neon bible cover in there) is from montreal, quebec, canada ...not europe

8:39 AM  
Anonymous DJ Jarren said...

With regards to the previous comment, the mp3 is still up. Try it again.

Not that it actually matters, Ladytron have very generously emailed all their fans the mp3 anyway.

Looking forward to the album, good to see they've brought back their best typeface too! :sad, yes:

10:42 AM  

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