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Who The Hell Is *Bishi*?

After completely wowing Jen & I during her opening set for P. Wolf @ Webster Hall (review and photos here), I figured it was high time to once again draw attention to UK-based multi-instrumentalist, Bishi. Rather than attempting to describe her one-of-a-kind sound, I'm going to insist that you check out the live clip below of Bishi's first single, 'Never Seen Your Face', for a first-hand exploration. You can also download her equally fantastic tune, 'Hymn To London', at bottom of post. Fully discover Bishi via this link to her MySpace page.

MP3: Bishi - Hymn To London

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Blogger Ebe said...

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4:08 PM  
Blogger Ebe said...

bishi is a unique and exceptional artist from london - i have personally seen her talents crystalise over the years and it has been an inspiration


4:11 PM  

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