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Ryan Adams Brings 'Tiger' To Yahoo

Check out this amazing performance of 'The Sun Also Sets' from Ryan Adams's recent visit to Yahoo (in accordance with Nissan Live Sets). Download more Ryan at bottom of post.

MP3: Ryan Adams - I Taught Myself How To Grow Old (live)

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Blogger Marc said...

I really do not understand all this "love" and "amazement" for/with Ryan Adams. His live show was one of the WORST perfomances I have every seen. His attitude towards the audience was horrible!! It was so bad, I can no longer listen to his music without a nasty taste in my mouth.
He is far from the "greatest song writer" of the time. He has got to be the most overated exagerated artist of our time. Do not give the spoiled little diva want-a-be your time or money. He is not worth it!

3:49 PM  

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