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Peter Hook Responds To 'Control'

The former Joy Division & New Order member speaks to XFM about his reaction to the Ian Curtis-based, critically revered biopic, Control:

"I really enjoyed it... But it was like having your heart stamped on. The weirdest thing was at the end, when it really hurt and everybody started clapping. It would've been nice to have a dignified silence.

"You're sat there thinking "Fuck me I lived that!" It was like being dissected. And then I went to take a piss and Ian and Bernard Sumner were next to me... well the actors that played them and I was like that... 'Aaaaah!'. That was surreal.

"The way I always like to look at it is that you can judge how good a film is by how many people go to take a piss during it, and only two people went for a piss - Bernard and a 70-year-old woman."

MP3: Joy Division - Ceremony

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