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Chester French: That Song on Entourage

So how good was Entourage this week? Like THIS good. I am so excited to finally be filming Medellin I could... well I'm just excited.

If you were wondering who sang that incredibly catchy song at the end of the episode, wonder no more. Enter Chester French, no not one guy with a girlfriend named Bunny, but two Harvard seniors with a jones for Parisian pop, 60's boy bands and the occasional gangster rap song.

The song is 'She loved everybody' and is available on itunes. For a free download (courtesy of Arjan Writes) download 'The Jimmy Choos.'

This sleek duo, with a panache for MySpace design, are labeless and tourless but are garning enough online buzz to know that this state of limbo won't be for long.



Anonymous Em said...

Wow...Perez Hilton knew about these guys before you did?! Wow.

4:52 AM  
Blogger Branden Brooks said...

According to the Boston Globe, Chester French signed with Pharrell label Star Trak.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Sydney said...

Here's an interview with the Harvard boys about their sound, their style and their first single. Check it out!

6:18 PM  
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