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Patrick Wolf Discusses Amy, America & Retirement With NME

P. Wolf sits down for a one-to-one with New Musical Express this week. Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A:

Regarding touring with Amy Winehouse: "It's really interesting to see what type of audiences (Winehouse) has... One night there were about 20 real hip-hop people, four soccer moms and some fashion kids in the audience. That's what I like to see with music because it should be totally universal and not for one particular scene. So it was very exciting for me to sing to those people."

Regarding enthusiasm of American audiences: "Sometimes you play shows in other countries and people are very cold... but if you come here and be yourself and communicate your music, the audiences respond. I feel at home here... People always say that New York crowds are very reserved and you've got to win them over, but it's been just the opposite. It's been almost like a fever."

Regarding that whole retirement thing: "With the retirement thing, I was a bit drunk and I went to the internet and I checked this message board and I thought it'd be really interesting to see what people thought of the shows... But it was like walking into the wrong conversation at the playground. I said, 'You know I'm a human being as well and I'm not going to act like I don't feel anything'. So I wrote about how I was feeling. I just wanted people to know that I'm not going to be around forever so enjoy the shows while they're there and enjoy the positive thing I'm trying to give them."

Regarding the near future: "The US release of 'The Magic Position' is like a second wind for me... It's really exciting. There were kids outside a venue in New York dressed like me. I wouldn't have expected that from America at all."

For those of you who missed The Music Slut's recent interview with Patrick, you can check it out here. Accompanying photo via our review of Patrick's Hiro Ballroom show from last month.

MP3: Patrick Wolf - The Libertine (live from Bowery Ballroom) (via Murderotica)



Blogger Scott said...

Patrick Wolf is a fag. Are you ever going to stop posting about this twat?

8:24 AM  
Anonymous tstem said...

i was one of the two american fans dressed up for the show.

while chatting, he did say they're would be another new york show before he jets back. and another tv appearance.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. i love him. hes great

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:17 PM  
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