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This. Is. So. Cool.

I am totally stealing this post from Stereogum because it is just so cool. But they stole it from Coolfer, so it is all good (we are all so boring aren't we?).

Go here to something called TuneGlue Music Map. Type in your favourite artist, click on the little bubble with their name, hit expand and boom! You get a whole slew of artists whom you might also enjoy. I typed in my favourite band, The Gaskets, and up popped The Head Set, one of my other favourite local NYC groups- they don't even have a label! I'm so excited. I'm so scared.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome site, thanks for the link!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Candy said...

You should get the same similar artists if you use, which is what it's powered by.

10:10 PM  
Blogger m said...

love it!! weird how everything somehow gets back to radiohead or arcade fire though, but i dont mind

10:28 PM  

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