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Kunek @ Mercury Lounge

Last night Jen and I saw Kunek at The Mercury Lounge. Not knowing what to expect, other than the samples we heard on myspace and the praise they've received from infamous Matt K (thank you buddy, perhaps one day we'll meet!), we went in with a fairly open mind.

The band definitely wears its influences on their sleeves. Some thoughts/bands/songs running through my head during their entire 50 minute set were:

-OK Computer-era Radiohead: particularly 'Exit Music' and 'Climbing Up The Walls'
-Coldplay "Fix You"
-a little Sigur Ros
-Hope of the States if fronted by Thom Yorke
-Travis - 12 Memories

As you could have guessed, this didn't exactly turn me away from them but I was convinced early in their set that they were simply too derivative. It took about a half hour, and them playing "Bright Eyes" (not about Conor) for me to understand what they were going for and for me to see them for themselves and not all their little parts.

In other words, keep an ear out for a pleasant surprise. Be patient with Kunek and good things will come to you.

Pics on the way.

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