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The Sons & Heirs @ Canal Room: Handsome Devils

It should come as no surprise to habitual readers of the site that I'm a massive Morrissey & Smiths fan (in every sense of the word). So much so, that when I first discovered The Sons & Heirs - an NYC-based Smiths tribute act - I was beyond eager to learn more. In the spring of last year, I interviewed the band (read the full Q&A here). Last night, I was fortunate enough to catch their live show and - to my pleasure - it was genuinely delightful.

The Sons & Heirs consist of: 'Ronnissey', 'Ravi' Marr, 'Jonny' Rourke & 'Kevin' Joyce. While it may sound trite, the 4-piece can imitate the legendary Brits to a T. Ronnissey's Mozzer impression is so spot-on that quite frankly, it's almost mind-boggling. Everything from his sarcastic stage banter, choice of wardrobe, haircut, facial expressions, hand gestures, floor squirming, and most importantly - vocal delivery is frighteningly outstanding. Pair that with the three other 'faux Smiths' and the recipe is complete.

For 90 minutes, The Sons & Heirs performed a bevy of Smiths hits and rarities ('Sheila Take A Bow', 'Hand In Glove', 'Nowhere Fast', 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', etc.), and even treated us to a handful of Morrissey's solo tunes. Joined by very special guest, Spencer Cobrin (a former member of Moz's backing band), The Sons & Heirs serenaded the crowd with 'Glamorous Glue', 'Suedehead', 'Sister I'm A Poet', 'The National Front Disco' & 'Billy Budd'. The Sons & Heirs ended their set with a blistering take on 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' which included stage invaders and outstretched arms.

As someone who usually runs from cover bands like the wind, I strongly urge you to check out The Sons & Heirs in the flesh. They're one of the very few who've mastered the art.

Learn more about The Sons & Heirs on MySpace or at the band's official site.

MP3: The Smiths - Nowhere Fast [alt link]

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They really are amazing.

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