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Who The Hell Are *The Somnambulants*?

Five years ago, when I was in my short-lived electroclash phase (stop giggling), I saw The Somnambulants perform a stellar set at DC's rave-ready venue, Five. Since then, I've heard very little of the band, until recently.

It seems as if the self-proclaimed 'electro indie synth poppers' have returned with a genius album entitled Paper Trail which demands your full attention. The band's sound throughout the LP is a peculiar yet engaging trichotomy between The Talking Heads, Thomas Dolby & early New Order. Needless to say, the record feels distinctly retro. And I love it.

Learn more about The Somnambulants here at their MySpace page or here at their official site. Download a track from Paper Trail below.

MP3: The Somnambulants - Take It On



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