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Rilo Kiley Explains Sex-Driven LP + Video

Indie darling and Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis explains: "As a woman, the older I get the more comfortable I feel writing about sex and singing about it, whereas in my late teens and early 20s I wouldn't have dared. But now I feel comfortable enough where I can start writing about sex -- not necessarily about my own experiences, but the sexual lives of others. And the somewhat deviant sexual lives of others."

Regarding the audition process for the video to first single, 'The Moneymaker': "We told people they were coming in and auditioning for a porno... A soft core porn... Some were told it was for a music video, because when you work in pornography there's typically no audition process, you show up and work. So (director) Autumn (De Wilde) wrote a scene so that they could show us if they could act. And then we sat them down and asked them about their experiences. We all came up with the concept and stepped into that world (of pornography) knowing so little.. We met some really interesting, nice people. They were incredibly open with us. I think everyone possesses within them the moneymaker, it's just a matter of if you're willing to go there."

To view the much-buzzed clip for 'The Moneymaker' follow this link.

Accompanying photo via Spin, quotes via NME.

MP3: Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker



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